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Empower your financial journey with The SEA Capital, a leading private equity investment company in Malaysia. Our professional investment team adeptly manages a pool of capitals, i.e. the private equity fund, from accredited and institutional investors and invest in diversified investment portfolios, ensuring optimal returns for our investors. 

Discover the essence of financial success with our commitment to excellence in private equity investment.

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Investment Criteria

Ambitious entrepreneur with plans for constant business growth.

Focusing on FinTech, technology, consumer and sustainability industries.

Continuously growing and profitable companies.

With distinctive competitive advantage and a strong brand.

Our Portfolio

Revenue Monster

Revenue Monster is a Malaysia based financial technology company. Revenue Monster’s unique blend of payment, social media, and loyalty merchant solutions help businesses to engage with its customers.



WeDoctor is an online healthcare services company founded in 2010 by artificial intelligence expert Jerry Liao. The company has more than 240 million registered users for its online doctors consultation, prescription and diagnosis services. 

Smart Rental

No.1 in computer rental with low entry yet with full warranty and services that creates long term value for consumers. Dedicated to reduce and save the environment in every computer that is rented out.


Award-winning IT Solutions provider with more than 20 years’ combined IT experience and whose core focus is IT consultation and development of customized web and mobile applications for start-ups up to large corporations.

Our Services

We can offer several services that align with the needs of the clients as well as attain their business goals at the same time.

Buying, selling or listing a business

Divestiture and joint ventures

Education on valuing your business

Raising capital through private equity

Financial modelling and debt financing

Due diligence

Succession Planning

Monitoring and analysis to Increase profitability

Frequently Asked Questions

1What is a Private Equity Fund?  

A private equity fund is a pooled investment used for making investments in different equity securities that follows the private equity firm's investment strategies.

2Who can invest in Private Equity? How do Private Equity firms raise funds? 

Private equity firms generally raise funds from accredited individuals, institutional investors and high net worth individuals which are also called limited partners.

3What type of companies do The SEA Capital invest in?

The SEA Capital concentrates on investing in mid-sized to ready-to-exit companies with strong growth potential.

4What differentiates The SEA Capital from other private equity companies?

The SEA Capital sets itself apart from other private equity firms by offering not only funding but also valuable opportunities, extensive networks, and additional resources that foster the growth of our portfolio companies. Our aim is to enable our portfolio to expand alongside us, as we work together to unlock their full potential and generate superior returns for our investors.

Explore the various types of private equity firms available to enhance your understanding of the diverse landscape within the realm of private equity.

5What is the area of focus for The SEA Capital's investment portfolio?

The SEA Capital's investment portfolio focuses on the FinTech, technology, consumer, and sustainability industries.

6What is the difference between fund manager and private equity?

An asset management company typically addresses all aspects of its clients' personal finances, whereas a private equity firm primarily concentrates on managing investments on behalf of its clients. Unlike making direct investments themselves, they act as intermediaries, channeling investments into companies as principal investors.

For in-depth comparisons between private equity with asset management, hedge funds, and venture capitals, you can explore our article.


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