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The Sea Capital is a capital investment and private equity company. The Sea Capital’s investment team has accumulated more than 50 years of collective experience and expertise in their respective field. The team is made up of experts in a variety of fields, such as initial public offerings (IPO), mergers and acquisitions (M&A), venture capital, private equity, tax and audit, corporate strategy, and legal guidance.

As a forward-thinking private equity investment company, we offer bespoke solutions to meet the unique needs of businesses poised for growth. Explore our pre-IPO advisory services to discover how we guide companies through the complexities of preparing for successful initial public offerings.

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We provide services for 3 different areas:

Private Equity

Corporate Advisory



Series B funding

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    Standards for running a company

    ESG Investing

    ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) investing refers to an investment strategy that considers a company’s non-financial performance in areas such as environmental impact, social responsibility, and governance.
    We are actively seeking to invest in companies that align with our values and prioritize sustainable business practices in order to generate both financial returns and positive social and environmental impact.
    We believe ESG investing is to support companies that are doing well not only financially, but also in their approach to the environment and society as a whole.


    Why ESG Investing

    Financial Performance: Studies have shown that companies with strong ESG practices tend to have better long-term financial performance, as they often have more stable revenue streams, lower risk, and greater resilience to market downturns.

    Long-Term Impact: ESG investing is not just about financial returns, but also about creating a positive impact on society and the environment. Prioritizing ESG factors is investing in companies that are making a positive difference in the world, and this can have long-term benefits for future generations.

    Aligning Values with Investments: ESG investing allows us to align our values with our investments, by choosing to support companies that prioritize environmental and social responsibility.


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    About Capital Investment

    A company makes a capital investment when it buys tangible assets to utilise in achieving its long-term goals and objectives. Real estate, factories, and equipment are among the assets bought as capital investments. The funding may originate from various sources, including venture capital deals and conventional bank loans.

    An individual, a venture capital organisation, a financial institution, or the management of a firm may make a capital investment in the business. A startup business may seek financing from various sources, such as venture capital firms, angel investors, or conventional banking institutions. There is no set amount that can be spent on capital.

    Technically speaking, capital investments are made to support business growth. The advantages of capital investments, in addition to expansion and management, are as follows:

    1. Produces wealth
    2. Bring in clients and investors
    3. Financial gain
    4. Optimally Competitive Markets

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