About - The Sea Capital

Corporate Advisory

Apart from our primary role as a private equity firm, we leverage on our expertise in investment to cater to our clients’ needs as well to attain their financial goals.

How We Can Help

Buying, selling or listing a business

Divestiture and joint ventures

Education on valuing your business

Raising capital through private equity

Financial modelling and debt financing

Due diligence

Succession Planning

Monitoring and analysis to Increase profitability

Our Advisory Services

Mergers And Acquisitions

We aid in the merger and acquisition execution for our clients including but not limited to definition of transaction rationale, management of acquisition process, performing necessary due diligence for the deal, and supporting negotiation process with the seller to ensure a smooth and successful closing of the deal.

Pre-IPO And IPO Advisory

An initial public offering (IPO) is the process of turning a privately-owned company into a publicly traded entity, with its shares available for trading on a public stock exchange.

We provide professional advice and guidance to our client who is intended to go for IPO listing. Our scope of works includes the following which are highly essential to ensure successful application for any IPO listing

Pre-IPO Analysis

Pre-IPO analysis for company financial performance, including assessment on quantitative and qualitative tests, highlighting all possible compliance issues and recommending provisions for them.

Financial Road Map

Assist in financial road map setting, implementation and monitoring.

Monitoring Pre-IPO

Coordinating and monitoring pre-IPO fund raising and listing application progresses by conducting regular meetings with the management team from time to time.

Who We Serve

Public And Private Companies

Family-owned Enterprises

Financial Institutions

High-net-worth Individuals

Startups And Scaleups

Boards, CEOs, Senior Management

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