About - The Sea Capital

About Us


We consistently focus and identifying winning formulas, deep local market insight and sensitivity to achieve the fullest potential and long term growth.

Our Mission

We strive to achieve long term capital gain for our investors through various selections of investment portfolios.  

Our Vision

To be the leading and preferred investment platform in Southeast Asia.

Our Core Value


We are responsible and committed towards the obligations owing to our investors


We aim to provide the highest standards of professionalism and credibility towards the mandate given to us by our investors


We respect and understand the importance of diversity when it comes to investment and we aim to cater to all categories of investor with our diverse portfolio.

Our Team Committees

Our investment team jointly have over 50 years of investment experience. The team consists of individuals who bring a diverse base of experience including Initial Public Offering (IPO), Merger and Acquisition (M&A), Private Equity and Venture Capital, Tax and Audit, Corporate Strategy and Legal advisory.

Derrick Hooi

Derrick started from the role of a financial advisor, he was experienced in investment evaluation skills and knowledge, marketing development advisory, SOP planning and KPI set, and fundraising and management skills over the past 10 years.

Since early 2015, he started to invest in sustainable start-up businesses and also hold the position as CEO or advisory post in those companies.

He was involved with the Pre-IPO preparation and pitching advisory team, and the company successfully listed in Nasdaq, Oct 2019.


CM. Lew

Lew graduated from the University of Tasmania, Australia with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 2008 and was admitted to the High Court of Malaya as an Advocate and Solicitor in 2010.

He has advised an initial public offerings in Bursa Malaysia Berhad (‘Bursa Malaysia’), Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (‘HKEX’), Singapore Exchange Limited (‘SGX’), mergers and acquisitions of companies and businesses, takeovers, corporate restructuring exercises and fund-raising exercises involving private equity funds and venture capital funds.


Jacky Chan C.A.(M), FCCA(UK), MCCS, ACTIM

Jacky Chan is a Chartered Accountant, his professional experience has been in the fields of accounting, audit, taxation, company secretary, merger and acquisition, corporate strategy, share structure planning.

Currently he is one of the founders of GCFO and has completed more than 20 M&A Transactions and more than 10 equity financing for his clients.

Allan Tan

Allan Tan has 11 years of investment experience in capital market and financial products. In 2012, Allan started to be involved in angel investment and co-founded a lead investing firm focusing seed to series A startups. To date, Allan oversees a portfolio worth USD 2 billion, over 25 companies from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Korea and Malaysia. Investment portfolio includes a vast range of industries ranging from Green Tech, Fintech, Medtech, IOT and Frontier Tech like AI & Blockchain.