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As a seasoned private equity investment company, we understand the unique needs of businesses ready to exit and offer tailored solutions. Thus, we provide specialised pre-IPO advisory services, in addition to our core offerings, to guide companies through the intricate process of preparing for initial public offerings.

Don’t just stop there, delve into the intricacies of venture capital in Malaysia with us as we navigate the landscape and shed light on both the advantages and disadvantages of venture capital investment.

Our Pillars

At SEA Capital, we seamlessly integrate our services to provide comprehensive support for businesses at every stage of their journey, establishing ourselves as a leading private equity (PE) firm in the industry.

Regional Experience

The SEA Capital based in Malaysia, our investment committees consist of experienced serial entrepreneurs and investors are committed to leveraging our regional experience in Southeast Asia. We are familiar with the opportunities and risks of the Southeast Asia Market and the market knowledge create superior value and maximize support for our ventures.

Hands-on investors

We deeply believe in supporting ventures with hands-on assistance through their growth cycle. As serial entrepreneurs, we know what it takes to build innovative businesses from scratch in the difficult markets of Southeast Asia. Therefore, we strive to leverage our experience to help ventures grow from Seed Stage to later round of capital and maximise their value creation.

Social Impactors

We support innovations and technologies, intent on influence and improve the environment and daily human life that can be addressed through commercially viable solutions. Our commitment is through risk capital, time, and contribution to the publication.

Our Approach

For Entrepreneurs/Business Owners

The Malaysia-based SEA Capital is dedicated to utilising its regional expertise in Southeast Asia. Our investment committees are made up of accomplished serial entrepreneurs and investors. We are acquainted with the market’s prospects and hazards in Southeast Asia, and we can optimise support for our projects by adding value through our market expertise.

For Institutional Investors

We firmly believe in providing hands-on help to businesses throughout their growth cycle. We are experienced serial entrepreneurs who understand what it takes to create cutting-edge companies from the ground up in Southeast Asia’s competitive markets. Therefore, we work to maximise the value creation of businesses by leveraging our experience to support their growth from the Series A to later funding rounds.

Our Approach



We look for entrepreneurs who show talent and with characteristics such as integrity, ambition, and passion. These qualities are essential to success and must be demonstrated by personal history.


We tend to search for innovative business ideas with good commercial applicability. It must be demonstrated for its feasibility.


We look for entrepreneurs who are intent on solving People problems. It must be core in their business model and not a mere “positive externality”.

Our Experience

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